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About the Keysheets  

The first FOCUS keysheet

Vivian seeing John's Keysheet
In 1990 I saw John Price carrying around his “Keysheet”. In his handy little document, John meticulously kept all the commands that were used in mainframe Focus, including the syntax and a brief description. As a FOCUS programmer myself, I knew that this was something that had to be shared with the Focus community. So I put the “keysheet” into a book form that could be published. And the rest is history.

We kept track of Focus commands that were available on the different operating systems, and, as the FOCUS product expanded, noted which ones were not on all platforms. It proved to be invaluable when working for various clients, each of whom had their own versions of Focus and their own hardware.

Then in 2001 Gerald Cohen, CEO of IBI, approached us about creating a similar document for WebFOCUS. With his encouragement, we did that … a really BIG task.

Now we are taking the Keysheets, both the mainframe Focus Keysheet and the WebFOCUS Keysheet, to a new level. By utilizing an e-book format (currently PDF), we are able to provide the Focus community a convenient, easy to use document that is color-coded and hyperlinked. You can keep it minimized on your desktop. Use the PDF search engine to find any command easily.
a portion of text in a Keysheet
color-coded commands


We have spent over 22 years and countless hours bringing these books to you. You will not find any other document that contains all commands in one convenient location. And you WILL discover commands that you did not know existed in the products. Just check out the SET section and you will discover the true power of both the Focus and WebFOCUS languages.

We truly hope that you find these online books to be useful in your everyday programming life.
FOCUS programmers


Vivian Perlmutter
Aviter, Inc.

Gerald Cohen, President of Information Builders, Inc., and Vivian Perlmutter, President of Aviter, Inc., (parent of Aviter Publishing) present the first WebFOCUS Keysheet at the 2001 Summit. Gerry Cohen and Vivian Perlmutter present the WebFOCUS Keysheet at the 2001 Summit Mr. Cohen stated that " Every FOCUS User MUST have a copy of this book."

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