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Aviter, Inc., is a Sponsoring Partner of
Information Builders’ Summit 2013

Orlando, Florida – June 3, 2013 Vivian Perlmutter, president of Aviter, Inc., today announced that the company is a sponsoring partner of Summit 2013, the annual user conference put on by Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI), information integrity, and integration solutions for business and governmental entities in all industries.

The Aviter Publishing subsidiary has specialized in providing specialized documentation of IBI’s products, WebFOCUS and FOCUS, to the User Community for over 20 years. The documentation includes WebFOCUS Keysheet Release 8.0.2, Focus Keysheet Release 7.7 and (Almost) 1001 Ways to Work with Dates in WebFOCUS. Newly redesigned as color-coded PDFs and available online through the website, the eBooks provide the ability to use all of the capabilities of Acrobat Readers to quickly and accurately find solutions to their WebFOCUS or FOCUS coding questions. The Keysheets contain all of the Commands, Functions and Keywords of each language, and the Dates Book is a compendium of all the ways one can use dates to enhance data. They are also available in 4-color, spiral-bound printed books.

“Information Builders’ annual Summit provides a fantastic opportunity for our employees, customers and partners to engage in discussion on the future of BI, learn how others are utilizing our tools, and explore key industry trends around this year’s information capital theme and beyond,” said Gerald Cohen, CEO and president, Information Builders. “Aviter and Information Builders will work together to improve service for our clients, expand their knowledge of available tools and resources, and maximize their performance. We appreciate Aviter’s ongoing support of our event and look forward to more great work with them in the future.”

Aviter will be actively participating in the Summit 2013 User Conference as a Sponsor by sharing its extensive knowledge of how to implement documentation solutions. In addition, the parent company, Aviter, Inc., has provided consulting services to the user community for over 30 years in a range of industries from aerospace, to telecommunications, to banking, to healthcare, to county services, to retail. Ms. Perlmutter responded that “It is always quite exciting to see the evolution of the WebFOCUS and Focus languages, and the extensive and innovative use of them by so many diverse companies”.

Specific information about Aviter’s products can be found at and

Contact Information:

Vivian Perlmutter
Aviter, Inc.
P.O. 50724
Henderson, NV 89016

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