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Does the WebFOCUS Keysheet Release 8.0.2 only contain new commands available in WebFOCUS Release 8.0.2?

Answer: No, the current Keysheet contains ALL commands in ALL releases of WebFOCUS. So, no matter what release you are still on, you will have all the commands at your fingertips. See the Keysheet page for the Table of Contents.

Does the PDF expire after 1 year?

Answer: No, the PDF is yours to keep forever. Just like a magazine subscription where you still have the magazines you received during the subscription period, you will still have your PDF. Updates will be available for download throughout the year and you will be able to update your personal copy of the PDF during your subscription year. The only thing that expires is your access to updates. At that time you can renew your subscription.

How do the IBI version of the Keysheets and Dates books differ from Aviter Publishing’s?

Answer: Only Aviter Publishing currently has the updated versions of the WebFOCUS Keysheet, the FOCUS Keysheet and Almost 1001 Ways to Work With Dates. Only Aviter offers the color coded versions of the Keysheets and Dates books. Only Aviter offers the PDF that can be downloaded onto your PC or IPad.

Aviter, Inc. is the originator of the WebFOCUS Keysheet and (Almost) 1001 Ways to Work with Dates. We have been supplying the original Focus Keysheet and these other WebFOCUS books to IBI and the WebFOCUS community since 1991.

Help! I downloaded the PDF with no problems. But I get an error message that the PDF is invalid when I try to open it.

Answer: Please email us with a copy of the email that included the link(s). We will send you a new link.

Question! There are a number of people in my company who would like to use the Keysheet. Do you have a site license?

Answer: Yes. Please email us at with the particulars … which book? how many people would be using? and, of course, your company’s name.

If you have any other problems downloading your eBook(s), please email us or leave a comment below. We will get back to you within 12 hours.

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